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Home Staging

Make your home look ready to live in, not already lived in.

Why have your home professionally staged?

Sell your property faster and for a better price!

It’s a proven fact that home staging adds 20% to the sale price enabling you to achieve the maximum price for your home within a shorter time frame.

A home staged by a professional designer looks ready to live in, rather than already lived in. We will strategically stage rooms to highlight the flow of your home and in depersonalising the home, we present it at its best and broaden its appeal to the market. We will accessorise with vibrant cushions, luxurious rugs, lamps, vases, mirrors, photo frames, books, works of art and many other items specifically tailored to enhance the style of your home.

Clever home staging creates a feeling of inspiration and excitement as buyers can visualise themselves living in the home. They want to live in a home so beautifully presented – it becomes their dream home. Whether your home is large or small, modern, colonial, simple or trendy, we will create an atmosphere that will draw and enthuse potential buyers and add real value to the sale of your property.

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